Making funeral arrangements in advance (pre-arranging) greatly reduces the burden and stress placed on a surviving loved one of having to make difficult decisions while dealing with their grief. Pre-arranging one’s funeral assures the person that his personal preferences are heeded as to where the funeral and burial or other final disposition will take place. Further, it assures one that the service will reflect their personal beliefs, standards, and lifestyle.

Pre-paying is not a requirement of pre-arrangement. It is quite acceptable to make your selections or preferences known to your funeral director without paying in advance. However, there are very sound reasons that one might wish to prepay for your funeral arrangements.

First, you reduce the stress placed on loved ones by eliminating the financial burden at the time of your death. Second, you insure that the money is available to carry out your choice at the time of need. If nursing home care should become necessary it could deplete much or all of your assets.

Should you choose to pre-pay in full, we guarantee that the services and merchandise you select today will be covered in the future, regardless of any impact inflation may have on our costs. Sykes Funeral Home deposits all pre-need payments in a trust.

Please feel free to call on us, with no obligation, to answer your questions about pre-planning.